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India-Saint Lucia Relations

India and Saint Lucia enjoy close and cordial relations. The Indian Prime Minister met the St Lucian Prime Minister Dr Kenny D. Anthony on the sidelines of UNGA on September 25 and discussed bilateral, multilateral and regional issues of mutual interests.

The Government of St. Lucia has expressed interest in signing a bilateral agreement with India in the fields of Information Technology, Education, Culture, Sports and Technical Cooperation.

Under ITEC Programme 15 scholarships have been allotted for 2015-16.

Bilateral trade between India and Saint Lucia

Exports to Saint Lucia

2011-12 US$ 1.32 million
2012-13 US$ 1.03 million
2013-14 US$ 2.28 million [% growth 121.21]
2014-15 US$ 2.13 million
2015-16 US$ 0.96 million
(till Sept 2015)

Indian exports include vehicles, pharmaceuticals, Iron & Steel and textiles.

Imports from Saint Lucia

2011-12 US$ 0.47 million
2012-13 US$ 0.41 million
2013-14 US$ 0.50 million
2014-15 US$ 0.14 million
2015-16 US$ 0.25 million
(till Sept 2015)

Indian imports include aluminum and iron scrap.

Indian Community

Around 250 Indians (including Families) reside in St Lucia and are working as doctors, professionals and a few businessmen dealing in imports, trading and duty free shops. There are about 5000 persons of Indian origin who came to Saint Lucia in the 19th century as indentured labourers. However most of them have assimilated with the local population.


31 December, 2015

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